Disneybound Breakdown: Han Solo

Hello Disney lovers,

Not so long ago, in a galaxy only a couple of hours from Disney World, a Disneybounder set out to make her wardrobe one with the force. For my last trip to my happy place, I wanted to take some inspiration from May the Fourth, the officially unofficial Star Wars holiday, but because I had a busy few weeks, I needed to pull something together in a pinch. Hence, my Han Solo ‘Bound was born.

This was probably one of the most simple ‘Bounds I’ve done, but it still worked nicely with the Star Wars scenery and characters at Hollywood Studios. So here’s how I became a not-so-scruffy-looking nerf herder for the day.


han solo
Everyone: I love this outfit. Me: I know.

The top: For my Han Solo get-up, I needed his signature white shirt and black vest combo. I could have achieved the look with a simple white tee and a vest, but I chose to go with something a little more whimsical and glamorous in a top. I chose this two-fer from Venus for $29, that comes with a small black vest sewn onto a flowy long-sleeved blouse. It fit the same guidelines as Han’s utilitarian duds, but lent a more feminine vibe to my gender-bent Disneybound, and even had a tie so I could cinch it in at the waist. In addition to being pretty inexpensive, this top also gets bonus points for fully covering my arms and protecting me from the sun all day.


han solo 3
If you look at this picture hard enough, you can actually see BB-8’s mind being blown.



The pants: I reached far back into the Jiminy Jenny archives for these bad boys…I’ve had these royal blue skinny jeans for several years, but had them buried in a drawer somewhere. I bought them from Kohl’s (probably with a coupon), and I don’t think I spent more than $20 at the time. I contemplated wearing a royal blue skirt with this outfit, but decided that pants made the outfit look more like Han’s at a first glance, and the blousy top worked better with something fitted on the bottom.

The bag: Yes, this is the droid you’ve been looking for! This BB-8 dome bag from Loungefly was a gift from my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, and it definitely fit the bill for a more modern, “The Force Awakens” version of Han. Loungefly makes a wide variety of Star Wars bags, including one that looks like the Millennium Falcon, so you have plenty of options when it comes to picking a statement bag to complete your ‘Bound. Just be careful if you hang out in the cantina at the Launch Bay…those pesky Jawas will try to get their hands on your prized purse and sell it for parts!


han solo 6
I know Ja-want this bag, but you can’t have it!


The shoes: Again, another trip back into my closet for these. True to Jiminy Jenny style, I opted for a pair of Vans. But instead of rocking a pair of plain black sneakers, I chose my blue galaxy vans that look like they just came from outer space. They’re pretty versatile for most planets’ terrain, and they’re also just plain cute.

Accessories: I kept things very simple with my accessories for this outfit, in an attempt to stay more true to his style. I wore a choker with Princess Leia on it (RIP), and a pair of Boba Fett earrings, both of which I bought at FYE back in 2015.


han solo 5
Rest in peace, Princess.


If you’re wondering where Han Solo’s trusty blaster was in all of this, here’s your explanation…First, Disney does not allow anything that looks even remotely like a weapon in the parks, and second, this is Disneybounding, not cosplay, so blasters and the like will have to stay at the conventions.


han solo 7
No blaster, but you still don’t want to find yourself on the business end of this lightsaber.


Unlike many of my previous ‘Bounds, I found my Han Solo outfit didn’t get quite the same response from other park-goers. Sure, I had Star Wars fans recognize what I was wearing, but I also wasn’t being flagged down by visitors wanting pictures. I will say, however, that the Han Solo ensemble was great for character meet and greets…Chewbacca loved me of course, especially when I shouted “Chewie, we’re home!” Kylo Ren, on the other hand, was less than thrilled to see his father, and had virtually nothing to say to me (which, if you’ve ever met Kylo in the parks, you know it’s rare for him to keep quiet). I told him I expected a Father’s Day card, but all I got was a blank stare that went on for several lightyears. Perhaps time will heal that rift (or not…spoiler alert!).


han solo 4
At least this meeting went better than the last one…


So there you have it…a relatively simple Han Solo Disneybound that can get you around Tatooine, Endor, or any other planet (just not Jakku, for crying out loud!). So strike your best “who shot first” pose and let the attitude fly…and know that you probably won’t get frozen in Carbonite or anything else while you’re in Florida.


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