Disneybound Breakdown: Ariel

Hello Disney lovers,

You know what they say…The human world is a mess. My schedule has been no exception this month, which is why my prince and I took a rare trip to Disney on a Sunday. It was a bit of a whirlwind, because we could only stay until the early afternoon, but I’ll take any chance I can get to be part of that world.

As a redhead, Ariel is of course my favorite princess, so I decided to flex my fashion fins and channel her mermaid style at the Magic Kingdom. Here’s how I pulled it off:


ariel 5
“Up where they walk, up where they run, up where they sparkle all day in the sun!”


The skirt: The focal point of this outfit was the totally mer-mazing skirt covered in green iridescent sequins. I once did an Ariel ‘Bound with a mermaid scale-printed mini skirt, but the sequin version lends a lot more glamour to any under-the-sea adventure. I bought this shiny pencil skirt from Amazon for $22 (plus free shipping!). The skirt has a little bit of stretch (perfect for my first day on these new human legs), and caught the light beautifully in front of my castle.


ariel 6
A sequin skirt: More stylish and functional than a fin for a day in the parks.


The top: With a skirt as eye-catching as the one I based my outfit on, I wanted the top to play more of a supporting role (as in, it was more like the Flounder to my skirt’s Ariel). I opted for a bright purple tee with some scalloped chiffon ruffles on the front. The details served a subtle nod to the ocean while not overpowering the outfit. And I didn’t have to feel like a poor unfortunate soul when I bought it…I found this shirt at the New York and Company outlet for just $17.50!

The shoes: We mermaids aren’t known for our gracefulness out of the water, so I grabbed my go-to red Vans before heading to the Kingdom. The pop of red fit with Ariel’s signature color scheme, and since I already had them in my closet, I didn’t have to beg King Triton for any shoe-shopping money.


ariel 3
King Triton says mermaids don’t need a big shoe collection. Parents just don’t understand.


The bag: Any mermaid worth her salt(water) needs a good bag for stashing her human treasures, and I couldn’t be more proud of mine. My prince bought me this limited edition Loungefly purse for Christmas 2015, and it’s always a hit in the parks. It’s big enough to fit all my dinglehoppers, thingamabobs and sunscreen (ironically), and the shell tag on the handle is a fun detail.


ariel accessories
So glad this bag is a part of my world!


The hair bow: A princess’ hairdo is never complete without some kind of accessory, and my Little Mermaid bow from A Fairy Tale Bowtique was a perfect addition to my Ariel ensemble. It features Ariel’s unmistakable color-blocking, with a little bit of shimmer and shell and bubble details. The bow attaches with a barrette clip, so you could wear it like I did, or style it with a ponytail. You can find a couple of adorable handmade mermaid styles on A Fairy Tale Bowtique’s Etsy shop, starting at just $9!


ariel 2
A wide-toothed dinglehopper and a bow is all I need for must-sea mermaid hair!


Other accessories: Ring, ring…Shell-o! I couldn’t step out in my mermaid best without my trusty shell-phone! Truthfully, I rock this seashell case on my iPhone every day, but I was even more happy to show it off with this outfit. I bought this one on Amazon for less than $10, but be warned, it did take a long time to ship to my side of the ocean.


ariel shellfie
Who doesn’t love taking a good shellfie?


I kept my jewelry pretty simple for this ‘Bound. I had a pair of red starfish earrings laying around from the last time I dressed up as Ariel, and I added a gold starfish bracelet for just a little more shine. The finishing touch for this look was a pair of purple sunglasses from Charming Charlie, complete with a reflective purple shine (perfect for keeping any sea witches out of view).

So there you have it, the steps for pulling off a swimmingly stylish Ariel outfit. Whether you want to make a bold splash or a subtle statement, the world will be your oyster if you take a page from Ariel’s stylebook!


ariel 4
Tired of all my puns yet? Well you can’t mer-make me stop!


As always, be sure to follow me on Instagram for more looks at my Disney outfits, and to see my Disneybound inspirations. And of course you can leave me any outfit suggestions or questions in the comments!

Sea you later (get it?),

Jiminy Jenny


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