Disneybound Breakdown: Captain Hook

Hello Disney lovers,

I’m back from another wonderful one-day getaway to the Kingdom (and also still swooning over the new Beauty and the Beast)! Since my last blog post, my boyfriend and I booked a full weeklong vacay to WDW, so you know I’m already looking ahead to that. (It’s not until October, but hey, a girl can never be too prepared, right?)

This past Friday was an odd day at Disney, in that it was unseasonably cold for most of the morning. But the chilly temps gave me the perfect opportunity to wear my latest Disneybound creation: a Captain Hook ensemble. I had been wanting us to dress up as Hook and Mr. Smee for quite some time, and I think our outfits turned out pretty Neverland-worthy, if I do say so myself. Here’s how I lived my best pirate life:


hook 3
I know where to find treasure, but where does a pirate have to go to find some churros around here?


The jacket: By far the biggest statement piece of the outfit was the jacket. Months ago, I saw a red steampunk jacket in my local mall…It was perfect for an edgy version of everyone’s favorite pirate, but at $80, I couldn’t really justify the cost. So I turned to my good friend Amazon to help me find something a little more reasonable.

That’s where I found this absolutely opulent red velvet jacket, and for only about $25 at the time. The velvet gives the whole look much more texture, while the length and ruffled trim instantly screamed “pirate captain.” And on an unusually cold day in Central Florida, it kept the shivers out of me timbers, so to speak. It’s truly a statement piece, but I can also use it down the road for future ‘Bounds (Sorcerer Mickey, perhaps?).

The base of the outfit: As any good seafaring scoundrel would do, I broke out my white ruffled shirt to go under the jacket. This is a shirt I’ve used several times already for ‘Bounding, and it’s become a staple that I can always count on.

Finding a skirt for this outfit was a little more tricky…I needed something without any volume to fit easily under the jacket, so I opted for a pencil skirt. However, finding a burgundy that was true to Captain Hook’s colors and that didn’t match the jacket too closely was a little challenging. After a few rounds of searching, I found this skirt from Venus, for a reasonable price (about $22 on sale). The best thing about it, is that it’s a pull-on skirt with no zippers or buttons, and it has a lot of stretch to it, which makes it comfortable for a whole day in the parks.

The hat: I couldn’t forget about Hook’s signature plumage when putting this outfit together, but I also had to get a little creative. Most pirate hats you pick up at a costume shop are black, which would normally be fine, but I wanted to stay true to Hook’s color scheme. You can find burgundy pirate hats with feathers on Etsy, but if you’re only using the hat once, they can be pricey. So I came up with my own (slightly more modern) version of the Captain’s hat. I started with a burgundy wide brim hat from Amazon, and I made sure it had a band where I could put a feather. A white ostrich feather was relatively easy to find at a local craft store (and for only a couple of dollars). All I did from there was put the feather in the band, and bend the end of the feather around the band so it would stay in place without the need for hot glue or stitching.


hook 4
Still thinkin’ about those churros…


The hook: Ironically, the most straightforward item to find for this outfit was the hook itself. These are super easy to find at costume shops and online, but make sure you read the reviews first. Most costume hooks won’t be big enough to fully conceal your hand, but you want to make sure you’re not buying one that’s designed for a child (unless of course the kids run the ship in your house, in which case, give the kiddie Captains what they want!).


hook 5
How could there ever be a mutiny when the captain is this fab?


Other accessories: Just a few more pieces helped me finish off the look. First, I had some earrings that looked like the helm of a ship from a Donald Duck ‘Bound that’s in the works, so I figured they would work well. Of course any jewelry with skulls would be a nice touch as well, but for the sake of saving a few doubloons, I used what I already had on hand (or hook). Once again, I grabbed my trusty pair of Dr. Scholl’s black flats, which are perfect for walking the plank over and over. Throw in a pair of simple black sunglasses to keep the glare from my treasure out of my eyes, and you have a completed outfit.

And of course I can’t forget my most prized accessory…my boyfriend! He dressed up as Mr. Smee, complete with a blue and white striped shirt, navy blue shorts and a red beanie cap I got on clearance at Target. Cast members instantly recognized our characters, and we got some fun pictures with Tinkerbell, who, as it turns out, is not a big fan of pirates or their crew.


She said we smelled like codfish, but come on, Tink…Even pirates have better manners than that!


So there you have it, a Captain Hook Disneybound that would make even Tick Tock Croc stop and stare.

For more Disneybound inspiration, be sure to check out my Instagram, and stay tuned for my next Disney adventure! And as always, drop a line in the comments if you’d like some help planning your next Disney trip!

With faith, trust and pixie dust,

Jiminy Jenny

















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