Disneybound Breakdown: The Tower of Terror

Hello Disney lovers,

I’m back from another wonderful Disney day trip, and just couldn’t wait to share the details of one of my spookiest Disneybounds yet.

For this visit to Hollywood Studios, I immersed myself in the world of a bustling young movie town at the high of its golden era, and posed as a bellhop at the infamous Hollywood Tower Hotel. This outfit was a bit of a happy accident for me…I had never really planned on pulling together an outfit from the dark side of Hollywood until I found a dress that just screamed Tower of Terror. And it was instantly recognizable in the park…so much so that actual Cast Members gave me extra FastPasses just because they loved the look, and other park-goers were convinced that I worked there.

Here’s how I pulled this look straight out of the Twilight Zone…

It’s a hard job catering to the showbiz elite, but someone’s gotta do it.

The dress: This hauntingly sophisticated number was by far the most surprising thing I’ve ever found at my local mall. It came from a wonderful shop called Subculture Corsets, which specializes in all things Pinup, Alternative and Steampunk. I stumbled upon this burgundy and black dress while perusing a sale rack (even better!) and knew instantly where it belonged. The cap sleeves, sweetheart neckline and bow at the neck gave instant vintage vibes, while the burgundy and black stripes and burnished gold button accents lent a slightly more sinister feel, perfect for dropping in at the Hollywood Tower.

The dress is designed by Jawbreaker, a U.K. company, which at last check, no longer has the dress available online. However, you could pull other pieces to create the foundation of a similar look. A burgundy jacket (like the one from my White Rabbit Disneybound) works, especially when paired with a black pencil skirt or black trousers. Anything with gold buttons or other accents can also help you achieve the look. If you stick with this color palette, you can always jazz up the look with your accessories, which leads me to my next point…

What do you mean my shift’s not over yet?

The hat: This was another crucial detail that told the story of the outfit, and it came from a surprisingly simple source: the park itself. Disney sells these bellhop hats in the Tower of Terror gift shop, but if you can’t make it to the park to buy one, don’t start crying like you’re lobbying for an Oscar just yet. Thanks to technology they would’ve never had at the Hollywood Tower Hotel, you can order this hat through the Shop Disney Parks app. It retails for $21.95, but if you have an Annual Pass, you get a discount through the app! I ended up paying less than $20 (after shipping) and had the hat delivered to my door in just over a week. How’s that for room service?

Don’t mind me…Just lurking around, spying on the hotel guests.

The bag: For this ‘Bound, I reached back into my already big collection of novelty handbags. Last year, I bought a great little bag in the shape of a coffin for a Jack Skellington outfit from Hot Topic. It’s black, so it already fit the color scheme, and the small handle on top makes it almost resemble a piece of luggage. The fact that it’s a coffin also gives the outfit an added layer of eeriness. And I won’t lie, it was nice to already have a bag that worked with the outfit so I didn’t need to buy one…I don’t need any more vacancies in my wallet, if you catch my drift.

The shoes: Again, I kept it simple and cost-effective here. I pulled a pair of plain patent leather black flats out of my closest and called it a day. What’s great about these flats, however, is that they’re actually made by Dr. Scholl’s, so they’re super comfortable for walking around the parks all day, or, ya know, standing on my feet for hours in a suspicious-looking maintenance elevator.

Going up?

Other accessories: Just a couple more pieces helped me polish this look. I threw on this pair of vintage-looking black earrings from Charming Charlie (perhaps a little fancy for a bellhop, but hey, maybe I stole ’em from a movie star…you’ll never know!). I also chose to wear black satin gloves with this outfit to help fit in with the old Hollywood era. Those were a quick and inexpensive find on Amazon. As for my sunglasses, I picked up a retro-inspired pair from Subculture Corsets to add the final touch to the outfit.

The final step for looking like a delightfully unhinged hotel staffer: the hair and makeup. I kept my usual makeup routine (see my earlier post about keeping your makeup fresh all day in the parks), but opted for a black lip stain instead of my usual red. The black was much more dramatic and spooky, and because it’s a stain, it stayed put pretty well on its own. For the hair, I had originally planned on an up-do, but none would fit under the hat, so I opted for curls that gradually became vintage waves as the day went on.

Actual picture of me hoping you won’t leave a bad Yelp review just because of a dangerous elevator and terrible bellhop service.

So there you have it…my steps to becoming a star in your own right at the Tower of Terror. As always, to see more inspirations for my Disney looks, head to my Instagram, and feel free to drop me a line in the comments if you need some help planning your next Disney trip!

See you next time in the Twilight Zone,

Jiminy Jenny



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