All the Single Riders: A Guide to Going Solo at Disney

Hello Disney lovers,

My Disney trip countdown is back on this week…with just four more days until I’m rubbing elbows with my favorite mouse again.

If the title of today’s post hasn’t scared you off just yet, then that’s a good sign. It’s true that Disney World is a great place for families, couples, friends, or whatever squad you roll with, but you don’t have to round up the whole Goof Troop to have a good time.

You might be thinking to yourself…”Why, for the love of all things Mickey, would someone spend a day at Disney alone?” Well, if you live close by, or you’re on a long trip with friends or family and need a little park time to yourself, you can find that it’s actually every bit as magical as going with others. So without further adieu, here are my tips for spending the day as a your own date to the ball.

Hangin’ with the most famous single ladies in the kingdom.

Packing for the parks: If you’re headed out for a solo trip, packing your Disney day bag is essential. On trips with my boyfriend, I have the luxury of bringing my own small purse with a few items, and I give him a backpack to hang onto. But when you’re venturing out alone, a small bag isn’t a very effective option. I carry a small backpack (Hot Topic has an amazing selection of Disney backpacks) with padded straps. Nothing too big, just enough to fit what’s needed.

You’ll need your wallet (with ID, Disney pass, some cash just in case, and a credit or debit card), sunscreen, phone (with a wireless charger if you have one), bottled water and snacks. If you carry a professional camera, you’ll likely have to carry that bag separately, unless you pack lightly enough in your backpack to fit the camera case in there. And if you’re like me and want to look your best in the parks, definitely carry extra makeup for touch-ups (see last week’s post about keeping your makeup intact all day in the parks), a hair brush and ponytail holders. I’ll be doing a future post going into more detail about packing for the parks, but this covers all the absolute essentials.

Finding your own fate (park plans): While it might sound a little selfish, going to the parks alone means you get to call the shots 100% of the time. My boyfriend is a great Disney partner, but there are some thing I enjoy much more than he does. When I’m alone, I make sure to spend more time doing character meet-and-greets and taking in some of the shows he’s less eager to see.

As far as rides go, there are a couple of attractions at Disney World that actually have a single rider line…Test Track at Epcot has a quicker line for solo visitors, and so does Rock N’ Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios. I would also recommend planning FastPasses for yourself on other rides, just so you’re not stuck in the lines as long.

Honing your casual Disney style: If you’ve read any of my past posts, you know that I’m an avid Disneybounder (I dress up as my favorite characters in the parks, and it’s basically my favorite thing in the world). But if I’m unaccompanied at the House of Mouse, I like to keep it casual. This is a great time to bust out those custom Mickey ears you can find on Etsy, or a cute Disney tee and jacket combo. The characters and cast members love seeing casual Disney style in the parks too!

Minnie was definitely a fan of this casual get-up. #MouseLife is the best life!

Photo challenges: Going alone gives you the unique chance to really admire all the little details Disney has to offer. Now’s the time to try out your ride photography skills, or take the camera and explore parts of the park you might have glossed over on group trips before. And since no one’s pulling you away because they need a churro, like, right now, you can take your time experimenting with camera settings and capturing new details. Of course you shouldn’t forget about having pictures of yourself…that’s what all those wonderful PhotoPass cast members are there for!

Making new friends: Being a party of one doesn’t have to be lonely, and it won’t be if you’re open to chatting with other Disney lovers. Thankfully, there’s never any shortage of people in the parks, so you’re bound to find someone you can bond with in line. You already share a love of Mickey, so you’re in good company! All you have to do is compliment someone’s princess dress or ask where they’re from, and you’ve already made a connection. And when they ask if you’re in the parks by yourself, you can tell ’em that you’re channeling your inner Han, and going Solo (get it?).

All in all, venturing out by yourself doesn’t have to be intimidating. With the right planning and attitude, you can treat yourself to some great memories.

As always, you can keep up with my Disney adventures (solo and otherwise) on Instagram, and if you have any questions about your next trip, feel free to ask below in the comments!

See ya real soon,

Jiminy Jenny



One thought on “All the Single Riders: A Guide to Going Solo at Disney

  1. I’m planning on going to Disneyland Paris alone is summer and I’m so excited! I went with my bestie last year, but didn’t see everything!


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