The Art of Disney Parks Makeup

Hello Disney lovers,

I just got home from dropping off a dress to be tailored for my next Disney trip (coming up next Friday), and my head is already swimming with thoughts of Mickey-shaped snacks, rides, and of course my favorite hobby, park photography.

But as I pore over the details of my dress, shoes, and more, I can’t overlook an important part of the equation: my makeup.

Let me start this post off by saying I am by no means a makeup artist. I spent most of my teenage years feeling like Mulan (just the thought of having to put goo on my face had me praying to my ancestors for guidance). But if Walt Disney could hand draw every scene from Fantasia, surely putting on a good face for a Disney trip couldn’t be that hard. I learned a few tricks from real makeup gurus, and they’ve really made all the difference.

Even if you’re adept at applying makeup, you need to know what you’re up against during a day in the parks. Here in Florida, it’s not only hot, but humid for 90% of the year. Combine moisture in the air with your own sweat, tears of joy from watching the fireworks, or a splash from the rides and it’s easy to end up looking like a melted Dole Whip.


Whatever your normal beauty routine is, if you’re headed to Disney, you need to start off with a moisturizer with sunscreen. As someone who fought skin cancer at the age of 25, this is non-negotiable for me. I use a product with a high SPF, but something with SPF 15 should keep your skin safe from the harsh Florida sun, especially if you wear it under makeup.

Wearing primer to Disney has also become a must for me. Even high-end foundation can easily run in the humidity, and you’re going to get much longer wear out of your makeup when you apply a good base. I personally love Make Up Forever’s Skin Equalizer (find it here) on my face and eyelids before I apply anything else.

For eyes, “waterproof” is the magic word. I love a good winged eyeliner and mascara, but nothing ruins that faster than a midday Florida shower or trip down Splash Mountain. Trust me, you’ll be thanking yourself when you don’t look like Meeko the raccoon by lunchtime. Stila’s Stay All Day liquid liner has become my go-to, and to be a bit more cost effective, I throw on some CoverGirl waterproof mascara. It’s not the brand of products here that counts, it’s the types of formulas you choose that will help your face be PhotoPass ready at all times.


These brushes worked for this painting…they should work for my face, right?

Another makeup challenge at the happiest place on earth…keeping your princess pout looking enchanted all day. When you know you’ll be chowing down on churros and popcorn, take some advice from Scar and “be prepared!” I start with a basic nude lip liner before putting on lipstick or gloss, and I make sure to carry the liner and color with me in the park for touch-ups after meals (or kisses on Mickey’s cheek). Lip stains or matte lip creams that stay put for hours on end also help, but some can be sticky, so find the product that works best for you and take it along for the trip. And don’t make the same mistake I’ve made of carrying a lipstick in your pocket in Florida…even Olaf can tell you that body heat and full tubes of cosmetics don’t mix.

My final piece of advice: invest in some makeup setting spray. This is something I never would have used before, but it’s a lifesaver on long Disney days. You can find sprays with dewy or matte finishes (whichever you prefer), and either one can add hours to the life of your makeup.

Your makeup is just another chance for you to have fun and get creative with your Disney look, so have fun! And who knows…Minnie and Daisy just might end up asking you for advice!

As always, find inspiration for Disney makeup and ensembles on my Instagram, and be on the lookout for an upcoming post about keeping that mermaid hair on point in the parks.

See you at the castle,

Jiminy Jenny





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