Disneybound Breakdown: White Rabbit

Hello Disney lovers,

I’ll start this post off by apologizing for my lack of posting last week…I got so excited and so busy planning Saturday’s trip to Epcot that I neglected my duties as your conscience (er, Disney blogger)!

But as promised in my last post, I wanted to break down the details of my latest Disneybound, the White Rabbit! Now, this wasn’t my first time dressing up as my fave character from Wonderland, but I was quite pleased with the improvement between ‘Bounds. So if you’re “curiouser and curiouser” about trying it yourself…follow me down the rabbit hole!

A simpler look for a young rabbit just getting into Disneybounding.

Unlike the first look, the latest one was instantly recognizable, and worked much better for photographs. So before I make us all late for tea, here’s how I brought this look to life.

Looks like somebunny was able to finesse her outfit a little more this time!

The Basics: This look started off with a a foundation piece of the gray tulle skirt. I bought this one from Amazon for about $25 (by the way, this particular seller carries the same skirt in almost two dozen colors…perfect for future ‘Bounds!).

The next crucial piece of the White Rabbit puzzle…his signature red/burgundy blazer. I could have achieved a similar look with a red cardigan or any other jacket, but given how full the skirt was, I knew I needed something fitted that wouldn’t add any volume on top. Because I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted in my local mall, I also turned to Amazon for this find, at a cost of $23.

For the base of the outfit, I finished it off with a simple marigold tank top. Again, I needed something that wouldn’t add volume and could be tucked nicely into the skirt. And good news for my wallet here…the tank only cost $1.90 at Forever 21!

Shoes: For this ‘Bound, I chose a pair of silver glitter Vans I already had stashed in my closet. A pair of plain white sneakers or flats would have worked, but it’s always nice to use pieces you have on hand if you can. And given the choice, I will almost always stick to Vans or Converses at Disney for the sake of comfort (stay tuned for a later post on keeping comfy in the parks!).


Accessories: This is where I had the most fun with this outfit…I started accessorizing with none other than a pair of lace rabbit ears I picked up at a pop-up Halloween store back in October (for about $5.99). The look could still be considered complete without the ears, but first and foremost, I am a huge proponent of hair accessories at Disney, and second, I like making a ‘Bound as instantly recognizable as possible. I also felt the lace gave it a nice glam touch without being too costume-y.

For jewelry, I kept it mostly simple with white rhinestone earrings. However, I felt I had to revive my massive rhinestone rabbit ring from the first time I ‘Bounded as White Rabbit. Count that as another great Amazon score, costing about $10. I also opted for a burgundy bowtie in place of a necklace.

I polished off the ensemble with a simple pair of round frames bought at Forever 21 for $7.90. I wanted something similar to the White Rabbit’s round reading glasses, but this would be a great place to you to add your own flair (maybe some red heart sunnies or anything with a playing card motif).

Now for the real pièce de résistance: the bag. Similarly to how I feel about hair accessories, I personally believe that whimsical handbags should always be on display at Disney, and this bag really put the “Wonder” in “Wonderland.” The inspiration for my White Rabbit re-do actually came from a great bag I saw months ago. The quirky clock cross-body bag was something I came across in my local mall, which was rare to begin with (usually the only novelty bags I find at the mall are from Betsey Johnson, which are adorable but not always cost-effective). It came with a price tag of $25 at Charming Charlie, and with a $5 off coupon, I could more than justify taking it home. This added the final bit of storytelling I wanted to come across with my ‘Bound, and as predicted, was quite the conversation starter when I met Alice! The one I bought is no longer available online, but there are plenty of similar ones out there, like this one from Amazon.

I’ll never be late for the Disneybounding party!

So there you have it, a piece-by-piece breakdown of a Disney look that you can easily pull off and customize for yourself! I chose to wear mine to Epcot, because the U.K. section of the World Showcase has a beautiful garden maze and a house that looks like it came straight from Alice in Wonderland, but you could also hop over to Magic Kingdom for great photo ops near Mad Tea Party, or you could actually have tea at Disney’s Grand Floridian.

As always, you can find my inspirations for Disney looks on Instagram as well!

I love it when other Disney fans ask me about my outfits…Seriously, I’m all ears!

See ya real soon,

Jiminy Jenny





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